Faculty of Architecture SUT Bratislava, 1978 -1983 Martin, Slovak Republic oil, acryl, watercolour, combined techniques, painting on wood, drawing, dry pastel Slovak Art Association, Art Colony Detva
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Kristína Šubjaková, Martin 1959 Education:  Residence:    Creative techniques:     Membership: I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, SUT Bratislava in 1983. During my studies I attended atelier of Tibor Bartfay, sculptor, where I formed the ceramic art and illustration. Although I graduated from the architecture, which itself combines elements of perfect exactness and creativity, after some time, I have decided to fulfil my natural and increasing desire for my own artistic expression. My world is colourful, joyous, and mysterious. Creativity is my attitude to life and to the world. Painting is like a bath from which you always come cleaner than you entered into it. It brings me new inspiration, it learns eyes to see new, unknown... I paint not only for myself, I want to inspire people to feel new emotions, spontaneity, and it gives me beautiful energy of a reflection. In my pictures I create impressive poetically effective metaphors and symbols. I am doing experiments with colourful structures. I present my works during collective and individual author´s exhibitions. I participate in various visual art symposiums and painting in nature.
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