Spring 60x80 Oil 2005
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Autumn 60x80 Oil 2005
Summer 60x80 Oil 2005
Winter 60x80 Oil 2005
Butterfly Touch 70x90 Oil 2010
Port 50x70 Oil 2008
Totem 50x70 Oil 2008
AVE EVA 50x70 Oil 2008
Egyptian Secret 50x60 Oil 2009
Queen Bee 70x90 Oil 2009
Gemmule of Love 50x60 Oil 2009
On Dragonfly Wings II. 50x60 Oil 2009
Fujara Oat´s show I. 50x60 Oil 2008
Fujara Oat´s show II. 50x60 Oil 2008
Fujara Oat´s show III. 50x60 Oil 2008
Blue Angel 50x60 Oil 2010
Sign of Taurus 50x60 Oil 2009
Debussy muse 50x60 Oil 2012
Heart energy 50x60 Oil 2009
Parade of Kings 50x60 Oil 2014
Celebration 50x60 Oil 2009
On Dragonfly Wings I. 50x60 Oil 2009
Madona and Child 50x60 Oil 2005
Guardian Angel 40x50 Oil 2004
Seagull I. 40x40 Oil 2009
Seagull II. 40x40 Oil 2009
Seagull III. 40x40 Oil 2009
Reflections of Peace in mind 40x40 Oil
Space energy I. 50x60 Oil
Space energy II. 50x60 Oil
Carnival Oil 50x70cm 2016
Kneeling Angel Acrylic 60x80cm 2016
Panna a pávy Oil 50x70cm 2016 
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Queen Alexandra 150x60 Oil 2010